Advanced Surgery
for Dogs & Cats
in Madison, WI

Surgeries for cats and dogs play an important role in elevating their quality of life, correcting problems, and even preventing future issues as well. At Petcare Animal Hospital in Madison, WI, our skilled veterinarians perform both routine and complex surgeries, including soft tissue, orthopedic, and endoscopic procedures. As an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, we abide by the highest safety standards in the industry to ensure your pet’s well-being from the start of surgery, through their recovery.

Our Surgical Safety Protocols

Your pet is a cherished member of the family and we understand just how important they are to you. That’s why we offer extensive safety protocols that minimize any risks associated with surgery. Steps we take to ensure your pet’s safety include:

Recommended pre-surgical exam and blood work

We highly recommend an exam and blood work before surgery. This step allows us to better understand your pet’s health and create a more tailored anesthesia plan. It also helps us detect any underlying health issues that could interfere with their surgery.

Comprehensive vitals monitoring

Our monitoring equipment tracks your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, blood-oxygen level, respiration rate, blood pressure, and more.

Trained technicians watching over your pet

A dedicated technician will be with your pet, monitoring their vital signs from the very start of anesthesia through the procedure.

Pain management to reduce discomfort

Pain is not only uncomfortable; it can cause stress that inhibits healing. We take a proactive approach to pain and will administer medication before, during, and after the procedure to make sure your pet wakes with minimal discomfort.

Surgery for Cats in Madison, WI

Surgeries We Offer for Dogs & Cats

Some of the more common surgeries we perform include:

  • Spays and neuters for cats and dogs (including laparoscopic spays)
  • Mass removals
  • Foreign body removals (with an endoscope, if possible)
  • Cystotomies (bladder surgery)
  • Basic eye surgeries such as eyelid mass removals
  • Exploratory surgeries (with an endoscope)
  • Biopsies of internal tissue (with an endoscope)
  • Lateral sutures for CCL tears
  • And more

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