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dog scooting on carpet in madison, wi

Madison, WI Pet Owners: Why is My Dog Scooting on the Carpet?

Dogs can do a lot of embarrassing things. They might greet your guests with inappropriate sniffing, pick just the right moment to sneeze all over Aunt Judy, and sometimes run into open cabinet doors. But one of the most mortifying things an owner can experience is having their dog scoot across the floor like it’s…
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common dog allergies in madison, wi

Common Types and Causes of Allergies in Dogs in Madison, WI

“Oh, it’s just allergies” is a phrase people often use to write off symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. But the truth about allergies is that they can be extremely unpleasant. The same is true for allergies that your pet has. The symptoms of allergies in dogs in Madison, WI vary widely based on the…
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